Together we rise! Elections 2018

In this June Primary campaign, we again did our best Get Out The Vote (GOTV) with our highly successful, member to member outreach program. We fought hard for each and every vote and won for working families.

To all who volunteered for labor, we hope that you enjoyed your time making a difference, and that great feeling of a job well done. Thank you for always coming prepared, to throw down for our members.  Thank you for bringing your fully charged smartphone for our fun and easy new Precinct Walking App. (Go paperless!)

Please plan now to set aside some time to volunteer during our November Primary campaign season, starting in August with candidate interviews. We win when we show up. People power is labor’s only advantage against the power of big money.

Together we rise!

If you are a candidate or know a candidate who is interested in LABOR’S endorsement for November please contact Lawrence at or Liz Ortega at


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