Serving the Community

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The Council’s Community Services Program builds stronger communities, creates greater civic engagement, and provides services to families in crisis. The program builds bridges between employers, working people, and the community and develops proactive approaches to address the economic challenges facing working families.

The program:

  • Administers the hardship fund.
  • Designs training programs to increase civic engagement.
  • Links workers to county organizations and to 211 at
  • Prepares leaders for service on boards & commissions.
  • Tracks local policy initiatives that impact self sufficiency standards, contract campaigns and workforce development services.

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Training and Resources for You and Your Union

The Labor Movement works to create jobs, improve schools, rebuild our economy, and protect working families. But, it is only as strong as its members. So the Council and its partners work to develop union capacity through member and union staff development. Training and education opportunities include:

  • Boards & Commissions: learn how to make good policies that help working families.
  • Comprehensive Campaigning: contract campaign strategy, strikes, media, and public speaking.
  • Leadership Development: get your co-workers involved, learn how to mobilize.
  • Politics: running a phone bank or precinct walk, candidate interviews, lead and learn to message.
  • Laney Labor Studies (Peralta Community College District): stewards training, collective bargaining, labor history, and economics. Visit
  • UC Berkeley Labor Center: research and leadership training, including media skills, advanced strategic campaigns, and financial management for union officers. Visit
  • National Labor College, AFL-CIO: Silver Spring, MD. Visit

Training and Resources for You and Your Union

The Council can help you engage other unions, community organizations, and elected officials in your campaigns to create solidarity and greater power. Don’t wait to ask for help.

Keep the Community Services Director informed about negotiations, so we can support your union. Bullhorns, safety vests, and other materials are available for actions.

If on strike, you’ll want workers from other unions to honor your picket line. Formal strike sanction is required under many contracts. To request strike sanction, download and email the form to

Strike sanction is granted by the Executive Committee by poll. Questions usually include whether a strike authorization vote by members has been taken: what the negotiation issues are; and the impact on other unions at the worksite and/or on the property.

It’s never too early to tell the Council about your contract campaign or organizing drive to build support among electeds, unions, and other allies.

Whether it’s through supporting contract fights or helping workers organize unions, the Council is a voice for:

  • Affordable Health Care
  • Decent Wages
  • Organizing
  • Representation at Work
  • Retirement Security