Creating Political Power

Working families need political leaders who will champion quality jobs, protect vital public services, and balance budgets equitably. We provide the “people power” that helps elect better leaders.

Taking political action to your workplace and union

Member-to-member communication is the most persuasive tool to assure people are educated:

  • Worksite meetings
  • Literature and flyers
  • 1:1 conversations with co-workers about issues!
  • Your union’s COPE (Committee on Political Ed.) to weigh in on policy issues for the union and to strategize how to get co-workers more involved.

Political Action at the Labor Council

The Council plans programs on legislative and policy priorities including political campaigns. We conduct an extensive endorsement process to choose the best candidates. We organize a field program. You will learn campaign tactics and how to apply them.

Interviews & Endorsements:

The Council interviews candidates for City, County, School Board, Community offices, and ballot measures and recommends candidates for State and Federal races to the California Labor Federation. All affiliated union members can participate.

Phone Banking:

Using auto dialers, volunteers phone bank from the Labor Council prior to an election, combining the human touch with efficient data management. When we talk worker-to-worker, voters connect with the issues.

Precinct Walking:

Door-to-door canvassing of union voters is a very effective way to reach members and make a strong personal connection. Union members are happy to hear from someone who takes the time to visit.


On broad issues, the Council regularly holds meetings with elected officials to review key policies from organizing, transportation, education, healthcare, PLAs’ and other issues that impact working families.

Political Resources Available Through the Labor Council:

We can assist your union in planning voter registration campaigns, volunteer recruitment outreach, and worksite education programs. Working with the AFL-CIO and the California Labor Federation, we regularly update the union voter file. Your local union can update your membership list and order mailing labels, printouts, or a CD/diskette of registered and unregistered union members.

Paid for by Unity PAC, sponsored by Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO to support Thao for City Council 2018. Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.