Take the Worker Climate Survey.

Are you a union member, family of a union member or labor activist?
The Alameda Labor Council wants to hear from you about climate change.
Take the survey here.
For a survey PDF click here.
  • What has your experience¬†been with the impact of climate change?
  • How has climate change impacted your job or the work you do?¬† How might it impact your work in the future?
  • Have members of your family been effected by fires, floods, storms and other natural disasters either attributable to or worsened by climate change?
  • How is your union responding? What would you like your union to do in response to climate change?
Please take a few minutes to complete an on-line survey. Encourage coworkers and family members to also take the survey.
At the end of March, the results will be compiled and a report will be issued around the time of Earth Day on April 22.
ALC WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! (You do not have to live or work in Alameda County to participate in this survey.)