Day 8: New Haven Teachers Strike

New Haven Teachers are on DAY 8 of a strike for better pay, to maintain student support programs and smaller class sizes.  After 12 hours of bargaining yesterday until 1:30am, New Haven Teachers are back in negotiations today. Board of Trustee Sarabjit Kaur Cheema has openly stated that she accepts the independent fact-finders report and that the District should abide by the recommendations.

Teachers requested that the other Board Members do the same and observe the negotiations. Superintendent Arlando Smith is blocking that request.

IF negotiations continue, there will be a candlelight vigil tonight at 8:30pm at the Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Avenue, Hayward

Join the Daily Picket Lines at 6:45am

Elementary Schools:

  1. Alvarado Elementary
    31100 Fredi St., Union City, CA 94587
  2. Guy Emanuele Elementary
    100 Decoto Rd., Union City, CA 94587
  3. Pioneer Elementary
    32737 Bel Aire St., Union City, CA 94587
  4. Searles Elementary
    33629 15th St., Union City, CA 94587

Middle Schools:

  1. Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle
    31604 Alvarado Bl., Union City, CA 94587

High Schools:

  1. Conley-Caraballo High
    541 Blanche St., Hayward, CA 94544

Independent Study

  1. Decoto School for Independent Study
    725 Whipple Road, Union City, CA 94587

You can support teachers and students by:

Donate to their GoFundMe fundraising link here:

 Adopt-a-School Site link here:

For more information, contact Joe Ku’e Angeles, President, NHTA at (510) 363-1790