Support Public Education! Need your help to win!

As we honor Dr. King, LA teachers went on strike for the first time is 30 years and Oakland’s teachers prepare to strike, remember what he said:  “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of a true education.”

Los Angeles and Oakland’s school administrators seem to lack both… and Trump’s assault on federal workers certainly does!  I’m asking your help for them to win! Here are two things to support UTLA:  

1)     Donate to the strike fund – As teachers are already paid much less than they are worth, this strike is creating a hardship for their families. The CA Labor Federation is committing $10,000 immediately. We ask that you consider, if you are able, to match this. If not, whatever you can afford would be greatly appreciated.  Donations to the strike fund can be made online at, or you can also send a check (please note in memo “UTLA Strike Solidarity Fund”) to the strike fund to:

ACCE Action, 3655 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 250 , Los Angeles CA, 90007

CA Labor Federation is tracking donations so we can give a strong statewide solidarity message at a press event within the next 10 days, and we hope that you will be able to join us. If you make a donation, please email Susan Sachen at  to let us know how you may be able to help. We want management to know this will escalate to a statewide battle.

2)     Support UTLA by amplifying on social media.  For social media support, CA Labor Fed has a digital toolkit that you can access here, which includes petitions to support striking educators set up by CTA and CFT.

In Solidarity,