The Alameda Labor Council has announced its endorsement of the 18th AD ADEM Progressive Labor Unity Slate in the upcoming California Democratic Party Delegate Election.

“The Alameda Labor Council is proud to endorse the entire 18th AD ADEM Progressive Labor Unity Slate for the California Democratic Party election,” Elizabeth Ortega-Toro, Executive Secretary–Treasurer of the Alameda Labor Council.

The Alameda Labor Council represent 135,000 workers in healthcare, transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, and service. Founded in 1901, the ALC was chartered by the AFLC-CIO as the regional body for labor unity in 1958. Today, the Council serves as an umbrella organization coordinating political, community and educational programs for more than 135 unions.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of working families by bringing economic and social justice to our workplace and communities. The 14 exceptional individuals running on the 18th A.D. ADEM Progressive Labor Unity Slate represent those true values of labor and working families. They are passionate progressives with an understanding of how to bring out the positive change we need now more than ever,” said Ortega-Toro.

The 18th A.D. ADEM Progressive Labor Unity Slate is comprised of: Nikki Fortunato Bas, Gray Harris, Sheng Thao, Sean Dugar, Jeff Delbono, Dwayne C. Ealy, Kim Carter Martinez, Tonya D. Love, Gary Jimenez, Yonathan Landau, Mari Perez-Ruiz, Malia Vella, John Knox White, and Jeremy Wolff.


The Delegate Election will be held January 27 from Noon-2:45 p.m. at the College of Alameda, Building F, 555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial in Alameda. Any registered Democrat residing in the 18th Assembly District (Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro) is eligible to cast an in-person vote. To learn more about the election or the 18th A.D. ADEM Progressive Labor Unity Slate, visit this Facebook page.