Message from Liz… In 2019, we fight for a new future for everyone

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I could not be prouder…

Six months ago, you elected me Executive Secretary-Treasurer for our Labor Council.

Clearly, I had to scramble.  Lots of decisions… Lots of different opinions… and little time to sort things out.

I am so grateful for the support I received, the trust I was shown, and the staff I inherited.

We flipped the Oakland City Council.  We won every local ballot measure.  We interviewed 143 candidates and elected 88% of those we endorsed.

I know that political campaigns are only a part of social change.

I recognize that success in 2018 means nothing without success in 2019.  Our families need better schools, better jobs, and better communities.

I am in a new role.  But not in a new cause!  As an immigrant… a woman… a person of color… I will fight for a new future that includes everyone.

I am committed to a Trump-Free future for America.

In Solidarity!

Elizabeth Ortega-Toro

Executive Secretary-Treasurer