New Endorsements for the ALC

The Alameda Labor Council leads the way with several new endorsements for state, local offices, and measures.

“There’s no question that TimesUp for silence.  There’s also no question that women in the workplace need strong women representing them, their families, and their futures,” said Labor Council leader Liz Ortega-Toro.

“We need women who will fight for equality at work, better schools for our children, and safer neighborhoods for our elders.

“These four Labor Endorsed women represent what our communities look like and the future people deserve.”

Jovanka Beckles - Assembly District 15

Jovanka Beckles

Assembly District 15

Mia Bonta

Alameda School Board

 Nicki Bas

Oakland City Council District 2

Sheng Thao

Oakland City Council District 4

Additional Labor Endorsements:

Alameda City Council  – Jim Oddie & John Knox White

Alameda School Board – Gary Lym

Oakland Children’s Initiative – Vote Yes