Courtesy of Brooke Anderson Photography

Ways to Get Involved

Formal committees: Under the Council’s Constitution, Delegates are elected to serve on committees:

  • Community Services: Supports working families through civic engagement. Develops relationships with community partners and assists with events and rallies.
  • Credentials Committee: Orients new Delegates and encourages participation.
  • Legislation Committee: Works with state and national bodies to monitor and propose legislation, organize lobbying efforts, and make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  • Union Label Committee: Promotes union products and services.

Other volunteer opportunities: The more you participate, the more powerful we are.

  • I Hour for Power Campaign: Launched in 2010, this is the Council’s ongoing member engagement campaign. With 134,034 members, volunteers build strength.
  • Campaign Leaders: Rank & file members who make specific time commitments during political campaign season to help run our phone banks and precinct walks.
  • “Lost-Timers”: Rank & file or staff members released on paid work time to the Labor Council for work on specific campaigns.