Hazard Pay for Frontline Grocery Workers: Alameda County is Leading the Way

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Tell Congress to Pass the PRO Act and Invest in Public Services

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Alameda Labor Council has voted to endorse these candidates and propositions

“After considering the candidates, studying their records, and asking tough questions, the Alameda Labor Council has voted to endorse these candidates.

“The Alameda Labor Council will now begin our work communicating these endorsements to several hundred thousand voters in union household.

Yes on 15 and No on 22!”

Liz Ortega-Toro

From Our Secretary

“ I am proud to become the first Latina to lead the Alameda Labor Council.  But it means much more to my mother who brought me to this country without documents when I was three years old.

When you compare how two Republican Presidents treated children 40 years apart, you can see the danger our society now faces.

President Reagan didn’t put me in a cage.  He didn’t call my mother a criminal.  Rather, he made it possible for my family to gain legal status and follow the path to citizenship.  

I have tried to repay this country through my hard work on behalf of all working families…better health care, better paychecks, and more security at work.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s assault on workers, this new job is both a privilege and a challenge.  I will honor the privilege and meet that challenge. “ 

Elizabeth Ortega-Toro
Executive Secretary-Treasurer